All Star Alliance FZ LLC (Dubai) located in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates proudly announces project i3x, your quantum gateway into the future.

i3x is a blockchain-driven private chain, NFT inspired DeFi reward distribution platform portal with web3 and unreal5 metaverse integration, focused on an Exclusive Founders Registry Lightcard Membership that empowers the expansion of quantum technologies through innovation and implementation within economically and environmentally sound lucrative social impact projects.

All Star Alliance FZ proudly presents project i3x​​​ which is the first, official monetary platform for peer-to-peer transactions specifically for Indigenous and Sovereign Tribal arenas, and integrated smart city communities.

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i3x is diversified in AI, quantum energy, algae, industrial hemp, graphene, holistic medicine, water remediation, conscious media, music, fashion, and art.


The fundamental life innate in all humans as our organic DNA is set to be free and Sovereign


The creation of a new way to think and interact among our youth and community


Putting the application of innovation into sustainable and repeatable action

How it works

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    All Star Alliance FZ (Dubai) proudly presents a three tiered membership in this first round quantum NFT project showcasing exclusive memberships in: energy, frequency and vibration membership. There are 144 custom original membership cards. As a Founder you become the original 144 Founding members of this massive ecosystem. For each, customized, NFT membership minted from, i3x by All Star Alliance FZ (Dubai) will mint the Founder a personalized NFT LightCard from our Founders Registry both in physical and virtual format that will essentially act as their NFT DeFi karmic rewards hub. This karmic reward hub is a distribution of karmic rewards within the Ascended DAO, Ascendia XR Metaverse, and diversified i3x project portfolio lists and deployment of quantum technologies and integrated communities in New Earth. Each founder will receive credited rewards from the Game of Life within Ascendia XR Metaverse and the Ascended DAO-based 144 allied project pool, as the Founding team.
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    i3x Membership LightCard holders will also allow VIP services from within the spectrum of quantum technologies provided by i3x and All Star Alliance FZ (Dubai) for within the Ascendia XR Metaverse, as well as VIP access into frequency-driven virtual wellness facilitates, VR healing lounges, and virtual compounds/condominiums for private meet ups, musical performances, virtual concerts, fashion shows, content release parties, and posh branding events. LightCard memberships will grant extended VIP treatments into real-life regenerative communities, quantum healing facilities, and technologies from around the globe and earn pay to play gaming karmic credits in our Game of Life within Ascendia XR Metaverse. Founders will also receive VIP 3D Earth rewards in regenerative communities, real estate development projects, and a portfolio of projects dealing in the sectors of energy, frequency and vibration as a LightCard quantum membership holder.
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    Founders will receive Ascended Rewards Drops with karmic credits and personalized, physical, quantum NFT DEFI cards for 3D Earth made from industrial hemp, algae, and graphene. Founder will receive an AI inspired Avatar NFT character for the pay to play metaverse and healing VR experiences within Ascendia XR Metaverse. This will act as a VIP membership card within the community ecosystm, and with extended reward credit potentials for future projects and the deployment of quantum technologies into New Earth. Each Founder will receive credits and air drops that can be utilized within specific our integrated smart cities, Indigenous inspired quantum healing facilities, said Tribal Sovereign lands, and within our Ascendia Global real estate projects.

    All Star Alliance FZ (Dubai) and i3x do not accept or permit NFT LightCard membership purchases from the United States of America or Canada domains and IP addresses.

i3x will not accept or honor NFT membership purchases from the United States of America or Canada domains and IP addresses.


Zero Gas Layer 2 Blockchain EVM compatible Private chain 2000 Transactions p/sec (4 sec Max) DeFi governance & nodes ETH and ETH2 MAINNET

NFT Reward distributions per lucrative project via web3 / unreal5, NFT VIP services via VR Healing Frequency Facilities within Metaverse, NFT VIP card membership in regenerative communities, NFT VIP card membership services in quantum healing facilities, NFT VIP wellness compounds with the Metaverse, NFT Staking

DAO community rewards, NFT Light Card holders, Founders Registry (Presale), Devs, Advisory Board Trustees, Marketing (Global), Seed/Private/Community Distribution Rounds, Liquidity Pool, Strategic Metaverse Alliances, Company Reserves, Public Rewards, Founding Team




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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."


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i3x will not accept or honor NFT membership purchases from the United States of America or Canada domains and IP addresses.
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