GMN1 (Global Music Network) and 1VM (1 Vision Media) is hosted under the Ascended DAO as a karmic reward based, DeFi innovation hub infusing conscious music, art, media, and talent distribution network for future creators. The stations will showcase its own music documentaries of raw global talent, specifically documenting energy, frequency and vibration - styled i3x projects within the Ascendia XR Metaverse, and other physical locations around the globe. The core focus of 1VM is to raise the consciousness and the vibration of the collective, keep raw music alive, and provide truth among media distribution arms.

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Charm Offensive represents a powerful syndicate of Humanitarian-focused, profit-for-humanity-minded corporate alliances, who by imagineering a better tomorrow, co-create the future through the collective visions borne by the best & brightest intentions of human kind.

Collectively we are a decentralized Force for Good; wielding Quantum forces and spiritual, heart-centered technological and human-capital forces assembling on the global field to ensure Humanity reaches its potential by breaking the artificial ceiling placed upon it.


quanttech is perfectly efficient DeFi Blockchain tracked delivery system for quantum energy, hydrogen systems, QUBEs, and 70+ additional internal quantum and frequency based technologies. quanttech deploys efforts in the sectors of ENERGY, FOOD, and WATER with the complete elimination of NOx, SOx emissions and other harmful elements and hosts an internal team of global scientists, inventors, and molecular engineers.

quanttech has a focus of providing energy efficiency and zero emissions into Tribal and Sovereign lands. quanttech is establishing DeFi portals in which IP holders can deploy technologies at an Anonymous capacity, and interact with global project developers for more efficient energy systems, while receiving karmic credits within the DAO. quanttech has secured energy contacts in three continents: Africa, SE Asia, and South America.


ecofarms is a hemp, algae, and graphene focused Blockchain-based digitized and decentralized ecofarming community of fully sustainable eco-villages and permaculture farming developments. ecofarms primarily focuses on off-grid food sourcing, revenue for local and indigenous farmers, and internal, and crypto based monetary solutions allowing the community to be off-grid, massively profitable, and provide lucrative channels of revenue for the local farming entities both in fiat and crypto.

ecofarms has models of sustainability in which will provide (7) seven primary revenue verticals thru tokenization and NFTs including: algae and algal based products, nutraceuticals and mushroom/fungus, biochar, industrial hemp, biofuel, water filtration and remediation, and the utilization of renewable off-grid and quantum energies for mining crypto or nodes attached to farm verticals.

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Sphere Foundation and Sphere Impact DAO will be supporting nonprofit organizations around the world to pursue their humanitarian mission through financial support and access to a platform of tools and resources to accelerate and scale the deployment of their missions & solutions for humanity.

Sphere is launching the world’s first conscious, decentralized social impact network in the form of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to mobilize a global effort to increase the odds for Humanity by uniting 144 Charities to address 12 Humanitarian causes through 144 Humanitarian Missions.


Andromeda is a Blockchain channeled and NFT-driven ancient geometrical regenerative community of 144 Light Cities that contributes to collective advancements in health, prosperity, and well being of its people, at a multi-continental rollout. This harmonic co-creating futuristic village will be token only driven, and host a population between with 10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants per city. The goal of Andromeda is to increase the consciousness and frequency of planet Earth while separating from the 3D matrix. Andromeda hosts its own Zero Gas Fee digital internal monetary system, including Blockchain tracked export/import to and from each of the 144 light cites.

Andromeda is hosting technologies and products provided by ecofarms and quanttech, and is an integrated smart city for liberating spiritual and collective existence while educating children, providing robotic farm systems, instilling conscious media, showcasing advanced technologies in medicine and health, and cargoing transportation to and from each Light City. Andromeda will be pilot launching in South America and Middle East showcasing biological corridors, animal sanctuaries, and the core community focus to exchange work, skills, and knowledge to create a community that instills indigenous and ancestors values, art and culture all while receiving karmic credits within the community and interacted through internal tokenization.

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WORLDHELP INITIATIVE is a global foundation setup in domiciles around the globe ranging from Eswatini, Ghana, Tanzania, Ajman, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico to name a few.

The WHI project is the physical on site arm to deploy molecular, quantum, pico, micro current, and nano technologies to 3rd world countries as well as provide the building of holistic medical treatment facilities and ecovillages all traced internally within the blockchain and run on its own monetary sources and mining.

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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."


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