Interdimensional Art Lounge

Ascended Metaverse and i3x have collaborated to create an NFT-backed inter-dimensional art gallery to showcase consciously aware art, the creators, and special virtual wormholes within the ecosystem into other said quantum metaverses. The lounge is powered by both i3x and Decent networks. Famous artists have pledged physical art for the digital conversions into the NFT space through Ascendia Metaverse. The artists will have the ability to utilize our web3 services to orchestrate their arts NFT production within the metaverse.

As a case example, Ava Avione is a strategic alliance of the project i3x team and has painted for 50+ years prodigiously. She has created the movement called "Dimensional Expressionism”. Her work has been collected by over major corporations and museums have done more international trade than some countries. Her work has been collected by heads of state like The King and Queen of Thailand, Queen of England, King and Queen of Tonga, some of the head families of the United Arab Emirates, and Golda Meir. All LightCard Founders will have access to this gallery and a whitelist on digital art.

Ava has recently pledged $25MM in art to the i3x project for both a digital and physical experience. Owners of the NFT art will have a special role in the development of New Earth. The NFT artists will register with i3x, and if accepted be allowed to display art in the interdimensional art gallery within Ascendia Metaverse. An auction of digital NFT and physical art will be issued and presented. WormHoles linking other metaverses are embedded in the digital art for teleportation into a selected group of Metaverse partners.

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AVA AVIONE is a master artist who explores art in many diverse styles from super-realism, to abstract, to dimensional expressionism. She paints to explore energy. Ava was born in the Boston environment in 1942 with the given name of Pamela Jeanne Weston. She has painted for 50+ years prodigiously and created the movement called "Dimensional Expressionism". Her work has been collected by over 100 major corporations and museums have done more international trade than some countries.

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New Earth Metaverse

An impact-driven cross-chain metaverse, designed to incentivize users to ascend their life and the planet by having fun, meeting like-minded individuals, discovering new products & experiences, all while helping build a brighter future.

This revolutionary game of life will provide real-world opportunities via quests & roles that earn players Karmic Rewards & NFT’s while providing access to an ever-expanding ecosystem. By combining physical & digital experiences, future-driven technologies like Gamefi, and forward-thinking impact strategies that are light years ahead, we are able to create a perpetually growing impact engine that not only will change the world but also change the way we do business & live life in the most holistic and conscious way possible.

Eco-Futuristic Resorts & Smart Villages

Created using ancient principles and wisdom along with the most advanced science and technology. An online community & metaverse that ties into the resort experience and allows people to visit and enjoy our lands from anywhere in the world or to continue the transformative experience well after their visit.

Through decentralized technology, sustainable development practices, hybrid leasing & accommodations, volunteer programs, and renewable energy initiatives, we will be able to manage Ascendia with low-overhead expenses and zero carbon footprint, while also helping grow a global regenerative economy. All resorts will be built on powerfully charged energetic vortex locations as a sacred space reminiscent of Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. Step foot onto these lands and you will forever be transformed.

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Ascended DAO

A mycelial network of organizations, and nonprofits; joining forces under a unified and decentralized framework designed for transparent co-creation of New Earth systems along with fractional ownership, and shared governance of the economy and global projects ran by i3x, Ascendia, and Decent. As a Founder of LightCard, many benefits will be awarded based on karmic credits.

Our missions is to birth & nurture a DAO of DAOs ecosystem of 12 interconnected realms consisting of 144 organizations joining forces to co-create a New Earth, with the LightClub Founders leading the charge.

Providing a decentralized framework for the development, governance, and fractional ownership of an interconnected ecosystem of assets, technology, IP, media, real estate and human capital, combined with an Impact DAO that will allocate resources to 144 vetted nonprofits to create a perpetually growing ecosystem of impact & abundance.

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DECENT Company is a mission-driven enterprise focused on restoring public faith in digital application markets that impact INTERNET INTEGRITY, FINTECH and HEALTH & WELLNESS industries. By leveraging the best-in-class innovations across blockchain, metaverse and crypto-economies, we create ambitious projects charged with benevolent causes that carry humanities best interests at the heart of all that we do.

With executive expertise from the world’s top thought leaders across, artificial intelligence, crypto-economic markets, fintech, adtech, we bring to bear a world-class team assembled to disrupt traditional markets with permanent decentralized innovation. By combining a world class team from across the globe, we bring together the best of Big Data, Martech, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence into courtship with decentralized innovation.

Decent and i3x have joined forces with Being AI to create The Human NFT. The Human NFT is based on a living databank with 10 billion+ unique digital events across a universe of up to 300+ million US individuals, and trillions of aggregate metadata points.

It is a personal, living NFT owned by each user, entrusted to the guardianship of a personalized AI being who becomes the digital soulmate of the user. The AI being accompanies the user on gamified quests of transmedia world discovery, entertainment, social interaction, and self-advancement. Each moment of experience and interaction between the user and AI being serves to enrich the meta, audio, and visual data, as well as qualitative understanding of the user--increasing the monetizable, tangible value of the Human NFT. Over time, the engagement and trust built between human and AI being serves to evolve their mutual wisdom and superpower, enhancing human-AI co-development and collaboration in the world.



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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane."


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